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In Maven, the Assembly plugin is used to create an assembly of your project, which includes all the necessary dependencies and resources. The assembly can be in various formats such as a zip, tar, or jar file.

To configure the Assembly plugin in your Maven project, you need to add the plugin to your project's pom.xml file. Here's an example configuration:


In the above configuration, we have specified the `maven-assembly-plugin` with version `3.3.0`. The `descriptorRefs` element is used to specify the assembly descriptor to be used. In this example, we are using the `jar-with-dependencies` descriptor, which includes all the project dependencies in the assembly.

The `archive` element is used to configure the archive format and options. In this example, we have specified the `mainClass` element to specify the main class of the project.

The `executions` element is used to specify the execution of the plugin. In this example, we have specified an execution with id `make-assembly` and phase `package`, which means the assembly will be created during the package phase of the Maven build.

Once you have configured the Assembly plugin, you can run the `mvn package` command to create the assembly. The resulting assembly file will be located in the `target` directory of your project.

Note that you can create custom assembly descriptors to define your own assembly structure and include specific files or directories in the assembly.

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